For those occasions when sending a message via a Gingerbread biscuit will only do, we will design and make a Gingerbread Greeting Garland especially for you.

The garlands can be personalised by adding a raised letter or number to each biscuit to spell out a name, age, message etc. Providing the biscuit shape can accommodate it (i.e. Hearts, Teddies, Pumpkins, Apples, Shamrocks & Xmas Trees) we will make it with a raised letter or number as you require. The Garland will be priced per biscuit and the length of the ribbon will be varied in accordance with the number of biscuits. The cost per biscuit is £1.25 (Minimum Order £5).

E.g. "I love you" on Heart shaped biscuits will be 8 biscuits costing £10.00, "Will you marry me my darling Daisy love your adorable Bunnykins" will be considerably more !

Personalised Garland
Type of Garland
Further types of Garland
Message/name required
No. of biscuits required

Message in a Box’

Love to ask someone a special question? Too shy to tell them how you feel? Want to send some words of encouragement or good wishes? Need something more personal than a text message?   Why not send it via a memorable edible message instead!
Each Gingerbread heart shaped biscuit measures approx. 4.5x5cms and is engraved with one letter of your message. The letters will be arranged spelling out your message or, if required, scrambled so that your recipient has the fun of solving the puzzle first!

Mini Message = Up to a maximum of 20 lettered hearts (blank hearts inserted too if message under 20 letters) in presentation box & accompanied by gift tag   £5.00

Maxi Message =  Up to a maximum of 35 lettered hearts (blank hearts inserted too if message under 35 letters) in large presentation box & accompanied by
gift tag (which can be personalised by up to 20 words too) £8.50

Size of Message
Message up to 20 or 35 letters
Message for Gift Tag

Man with a Message’

For lovers of Gingerbread Men big and small what better way to send your personalised message than via a personalised Gingerbread Man. The giant Gingerbread Man’s proportions are a hunky and yummy 15cms x 17cms (approx.) from tip to tip. His T-shirt or body can be personalised with an engraved short message, name, nickname, motto, age, greeting, company slogan, or whatever providing it will fit on the body it will be done at no extra cost. He enjoys travelling in his protective presentation box and is accompanied on his journey by a Gingerbread Man gift tag featuring a further personalised message (Max. 20 words). He, like most Gingerbread Men, is normally bald but, as in the picture, hair can be added if required to personalise further, artistic license permitting.



Message for Gingerbread Man

For a complete tailor made Garland including biscuit shapes or ribbons not featured on the website use the ‘Contact Us’ button to discuss your requirements and we will happily get back to you regarding whether it is possible and if so the price.






Gingerbread Greeting Garland's are limited only by imagination!